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All kinds of energies are converted to thermal energy at one point. You can reduce the thermal energy and keep it as potential energy. Stainless steel wires for spring applications have a broad range of usage such as automotive, construction, space, house appliances, food and pharmacy industries. Cold rolled steel spring wires that can be obtained: compression spring, extension spring, torsion spring, special form springs which require high surface tensile. For battery manufacturing purposes Ni coated (Ni-Br) wires are provided. Stainless steel wires for springs are provided on standard up to 0.80 mm with shiny surface and in different type of spools, all sizes above 0.20 mm and thicker are provided as coils with soap coating and nickel coating. Approximately more than 150 different sizes from 0.10 mm to 12 mm can be found in Kromtel stocks.



AISI Werkstoff Nr. Application
K302 302 1,4310 K302 quality wires are the most common used ones. They have almost no magnetic characteristics and are general purpose wires.
Those wires are used for battery springs due to their excellent soldering characteristics and have a shiny surface that is coated with nickel.
KOSNIC Those wires are used for battery springs due to their excellent soldering characteristics and have a shiny surface that is coated with nickel.
K304 304 1,4301 K304 quality wires are used for general purposes and do not have magnetic features.
K316 316 1,4401 Due to its high level of Nickel and Molybdenum it shows high resistance against corrosion. K316 quality wires which show high resistance against rusting can be used for springs that are utilized in acidic environments.
K316Ti 316Ti 1,4571 K316Ti shows higher resistance to corrosion than 316 quality due to the titanium included. These can be used for springs utilized in acidic environments.
K631 631 1,4568 The K631 has the highest property for heat, corrosion and spring compatibility. Heat annealing allows the higher surface tensile strength. It has the highest resistance against metal deformation and fatigue.
Physical Properties
                                                   Tensile Strength
K302 – K304     K316     K631
                        0.08-0.20 2150-2400 1650-1900 1950-2000
                        0.23-0.40 2050-2300 1600-1850 1930-2180
                        0.45-0.60 1950-2200 1600-1850 1850-2100
                        0.65-1.00 1850-2100 1530-1780 1800-2050
                        1.20-1.40 1750-2000 1450-1700 1700-1950
                        1.60-2.00 1650-1900 1400-1650 1600-1850
                        2.30-2.60 1550-1800 1320-1570 1500-1750
                        2.90-4.00 1450-1700 1230-1480 1400-1650
                        4.50-6.00 1350-1600 1100-1350 1300-1550
                        7.00-8.50 1300-1500 1080-1240 1200-1380
                       9.00-12.00 1250-1440 1050-1210


DIAMETER: 0.10 mm – 12 mm 

 ABD: ASTM A.313Germany : DIN 17224 
 England : BS 2056Japan : JIS G 4314 
Coated Surfaces:  
 S. Coated (S-CO) :Powder Coated0.20 – 10.00 mm
Ni Coated (Ni-CO):Nickel Coated + Powder Coated0.23 – 1.20 mm
 Cu Coated(Cu-CO):Copper Coated + Powder Coated0.80 – 1.20 mm
Shiny Surfaces:
Oil Drawn:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                0.10 – 0.80 mm
Ni Coated:Nickel coated, shiny, oil drawn0.20 – 0.80 mm
Cu Coated:Nickel coated, shiny, oil drawn0.15 – 0.80 mm
Mechanically polished: 0.80 – 6.00 mm

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