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CAM Type Spring Forming Machines

Wire forming and cutting functions are performed by means of 8 pieces cams and with the power of single motor.
It has minimum 3 axis which are cam axis, wire feed and quill rotating axis. Economical solutions are provided with additional wire rotating axis, spinners (x2) and second hook stations, for the high volume works.
Working range of the cam type spring forming machinesis 0.30 mm – 8.00 mm.

CAMLESS Type Spring Forming Machines

Special camless design equipped with free arm technolgy that enables our series of spring machines to easily produce all kinds of difficult springs that is 30% or more efficient than traditional cam type spring former.

Feature Highlights:

  • Windows based operating system.
  • Advance attachments such as rotary wire, spinner, and the x-y free arm can be optionally equipped to the machine.
  • Intuitive graphics user interface is based on Windows and its crash free
  • Characteristic is due to the employment of a bullet proof software engineering methodology. This makes learning and configuring highly complex springs a simple task.
  • Commonly use in the industries of: automobile, wire forms, entertainment and fitness.
Torsion Spring Machines

It works with the principal of wire forming on a central pin or mandrel.

Beacuse it forms the wire on a mandrel, it is more accurate in comparison with other machines for the outer diameter and position of the spring.

Axises are can be grouped as cam groups, pitch and forming groups.

Working range of these machines is 0.15 mm – 4.00 mm

With the additional stripping device on the back of the machine, it is also possible to produce air coil springs.

With the experience, responsibility, and work ethics we have gained in the industry since 1989, it will always be our unchanging passion to provide service to our esteemed customers at an increasing level of quality and satisfaction.


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